This page contains PDFs of the course readings. We will use these for our group annotation practice in critical reading.

Click the title of a reading to go to a PDF with the hypothes.is annotation tool built in (no browser plugin necessary, but you’ll need a hypothes.is account).

To make annotations: Once you’re viewing the PDF, click the tab at the top right to expand the hypothes.is annotation pane. Click the tab at the top right to expand the annotation pane.

Log in if necessary. Log in to hypothes.is


Making meaning, circulating value(s)

October 7

In-class exercise:

  1. Join the private group for this class in Hypothesis
  2. Go to the Pratt reading (link above). Select one paragraph from the text. 
  3. Highlight the paragraph and create an annotation.
  4. Briefly summarize the paragraph in your own words.
  5. Find a Youtube video or some other online source that’s relevant and link some text in your annotation to that source. (Don’t just paste the link into your annotation; use the link icon to hyperlink some text from your annotation.)
  6. Format some part of your annotation as bold or italic.
  7. Find a relevant image and add it to your annotation.

Hint: use the Preview feature to preview what your annotation will look like before you post it.

October 14

Class exercise: what’s the point?
  1. In small groups, discuss what you think the main point of this article is. When your group has come to a consensus, write one or two clear, concise sentences (in your own words) that paraphrase the article’s main point.
  2. Highlight a short passage in the text where the author gives evidence to support the main point, then create a Hypothesis annotation.
  3. Type your paraphrase of the main point in the annotation text box.
  4. Write two or three more sentences describing why you think the highlighted text provides evidence of the main point.

Politics, territory, capital

October 21

Class exercise: summarizing evidence

  1. See the annotation at the end of the Poe chapter. I have identified this as a summary of one of the main points of the article.
  2. Each group should create a new annotation in the previous sections of the article. Highlight a few sentences in which Poe offers evidence of “the integration of rural Southern culture into urban African American consciousness” where foodways are a “natural vehicle for the expression…of freedom” (105)?
  3. In the text of your annotation, paraphrase what Poe is describing.

October 28

November 4

November 11

Food (in)justice

November 18

December 2