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August 26: Course overview

Introduction to anthropologies of food

September 2

  • Farquhar, Judith. 2006. “Food, Eating, and the Good Life.” In Handbook of Material Culture, edited by Christopher Y Tilley, Webb Keane, Susanne Küchler, Michael Rowlands, and Patricia Spyer, 145–60.
  • Gottlieb, Dylan. 2015. “‘Dirty, Authentic…delicious’: Yelp, Mexican Restaurants, and the Appetites of Philadelphia’s New Middle Class.” Gastronomica 15 (2): 39–48. https://doi.org/10.1525/gfc.2015.15.2.39.
  • Skim this reading: Haraway, Donna Jeanne. 2008. “Chicken.” In When Species Meet, 265–74. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

September 9

  • Neuman, Nicklas. 2019. “On the Engagement with Social Theory in Food Studies: Cultural Symbols and Social Practices.” Food, Culture & Society 22 (1): 78–94. https://doi.org/10.1080/15528014.2018.1547069.
  • Sutton, David. 2008. “A Tale of Easter Ovens: Food and Collective Memory.” Social Research: An International Quarterly 75 (1): 157–80.

September 16

  • Benson, Peter, and Edward F. Fischer. 2007. “Broccoli and Desire.” Antipode 39 (5): 800–820.
  • Mintz, Sidney W. 2013. “Time, Sugar, and Sweetness.” In Food and Culture: A Reader, edited by Carole Counihan and Penny Van Esterik, 3rd ed., 91–103. New York: Routledge.

September 23

Making meaning, circulating value(s)

September 30

  • Caplan, Pat. 2000. “‘Eating British Beef with Confidence’: A Consideration of Consumers’ Responses to BSE in Britain.” In Risk Revisited, edited by Pat Caplan, 184–203. Anthropology, Culture, and Society. London: Pluto Press.
  • Weiss, Brad. 2011. “Making Pigs Local: Discerning the Sensory Character of Place.” Cultural Anthropology 26 (3): 438–61. https://works.bepress.com/brad-weiss/1/

October 7

October 14

Politics, territory, capital

October 21

October 28

November 4

November 11

Food (in)justice

November 18

December 2

December 9: Course wrap-up